You Bought Some Essential Oils.....Now What?

When my Home Essentials Kit arrived at my doorstep I thought the oils would last for ever. How could I possibly use up all 250 drops in a bottle. Fast forward three months and I'm totally obsessed and finding new and delightful ways to use the oils. Here's just a few ways I'm using doTerra's essential oils to improve the health and happiness of myself and my family.

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What Anxiety Feels Like To Me

Sometimes in social situations I feel so disconnected from everyone. Even in a room full of people I know and love. I don't even know why I feel anxious.

All I do know is that a room full of people makes me feel as if there is too much going on and I can't process it. Imagine having 10 people talking at you all at once it's something like that. Only no one is talking to me. 

Anxiety hits. My head feel like it's full of fluff

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