7 Ways To Make The Most of Your Driving Time

How many hours a week do you spend driving? Or worse still, stuck in traffic? Do you dread the daily commute? And when you do finally arrive to work, school drop off or where ever else you're headed you feel frazzled and annoyed. Well read on...this post is for you my friend.

I love driving my car. Not the actual act of driving itself but what the time spent driving allows me to do.

Here's the how to make your driving experience not just enjoyable but life changingly more productive.

Clean your car! Or better still get someone else to clean it for you. I can hear you saying 'Is that it?'. Here's why it matters: a clear space = a clear mind. You can't expect to drive around surrounded by junk and rubbish and expect to feel zen. So get cleaning. Remove all the rubbish and all the things that don't need to be in your car. It's a car not a storage shed.

Have all the little things you might need in your car. For me that's my phone charger, hair ties, tissues, lip balm, umbrella and a bag of basic baby essentials for Freya.

Stay hydrated! Take a sipper drink bottle. I'm totally in love with my Takeya stainless steel drink bottle that stays hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. The best thing about it is the awesome lid design - it's insulated, unscrews easily while remaining attached o it can't roll under your car seat.

Need to call the IRD? (or some other service where you'll be on hold for ages). Call them while your driving. All those little phone calls,, book appointments and follow up calls that you don't get the chance to sit down and make can easily be done on your way to the office. It's all about productivity. By making all those little calls while you're on the road you could be saving yourself hours every week. Once those necessities are out of the way you can use the remaining time to check in with your grandma or catch up with one of your besties.

I find I do a lot of good thinking while I'm driving. My thoughts seem flow freely and I have all these ah ha's moments of inspiration. So instead of loosing all that juicy goodness I hit record my good old iPhone. You can also go a step further and upload it to Evernote once you stop driving.

Way back in 2001 when I was at University I recorded my study notes for my history exam onto a cassette tape and played it everywhere I went. Fast forward to the present day and I'm still learning this way. Well NOT from a cassette tape but listening to audio books and podcasts while I'm driving. My fave podcast that I'm a little addicted to at present is Alice Nicholls 'All Rise Up Podcast'.

Last but by no means least I like my car to smell good. My fave scent for in the car is Wild Orange. It's uplifting and brightens your mood without being overpowering in the confined space. I either just apply some Wild Orange oil to my wrists or to a little diffuser that clips on to the air vent. If you're car has had the family dog in it you could also try Lemon oil which has a lovely fresh scent and is great at neutralizing odors. You can read more ways to use essential oils here.

Well there you go. Even just implementing one or two of the above could save you a heap of time and have you arriving at your destination feeling productive and energized.

Safe and happy driving peeps!

Love Frances