A Message From Your Future Self

Don’t stop!

You are on the right path.

Other people won’t understand

and that’s ok.


You don’t need to explain yourself,

just do what you need to do

and lead by example.


Some people and friendships will fall away,

amazing new ones will be drawn to the new you

and will stay.


Stand your ground and stick to your boundaries.

Don’t feed into drama.

Other peoples perspectives are just that,



Every day find new ways to raise your vibration.

Even the smallest improvement in how you feel is a powerful step forward.


So practise kindness,

soak up the sunshine,

and smile at your loved ones.


Say no to everything that doesn't feel right to you.

Listen to your gut more than the voice in your head.

Remember to be grateful.


Cull the dead wood from your life,

to make way for the new.


Big shifts will come.

In unimaginable ways.


You are more than capable and ready,

than you know.

If you take action every day to move yourself forward,

you will be in such a different place in a years time.


Spend this year putting energy into yourself,

your family,

your business.

Allow others to give you their time and energy for a change.


This time is for you.

About you.

Don’t feel guilty.

You deserve it.


Be proud of yourself! 

And remember this life is only every one day at a time.


Love Fran