"I'm Too Busy." No Sorry That's BS

When people talk about why they can't do something the number one complaint I hear is "I don't have time."  Well I'm calling bullshit on the "I'm too busy." excuse. When you say you don't have time what you're actually saying is:

  • the thing isn't actually a priority to you don't have the balls to say so.
  • you spend hours doing things for others that you resent doing.
  • you spend hours watching netflix, scrolling facebook and instagram.
  • you spend hours engaged in complaining/draining circular conversations.
  • you spend hours stressing about how busy you are but not actually doing anything because your head is a mess thinking about 'busy' you are.
  • you spend hours doing everything except the thing you need to do because you are scared of how people will react to you once you do it.

The above are just a few examples but you get my drift. There is always time, if YOU want there to be.

So then why do we give these phony excuses to others and more importantly ourselves? I think we get so used to saying that we are too busy that we start to believe it ourselves. People always know when you're fobbing them off. How often do the words "I'm too busy." roll of your tongue but catch yourself thinking of the real reason.

Imagine how refreshing it would be if people just spoke their truth. I guess the trouble is that we've become so programmed to speaking, hearing and accepting bullshit excuses and politically correct answers. When someone is direct and honest people find it so confronting. They don't know how to take it. Why are we offended by truth more than we are by flakey excuses?

No wonder we are all so damn confused and anxious with everyone running around saying one thing but thinking and feeling another. The words we are speaking are out of sync with our hearts. No wonder our minds and bodies feel so tired!

Now I'm not suggesting that we be hurtful or bring people down with the way we respond to them. Rather by saying what you actually think or feel, you are freeing yourself and them. You allow them to carry on with their day and you with yours. No confusion, no disconnect between your head and your heart.

So next time you catch yourself going to say 'I'm too busy.' What will you say?


Love Fran